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The best live event sound production service provider in the greater Chicago area!

Our dedicated staff of professionals is committed to bringing you high-quality, professional event production solutions that will bring your event success. Between concerts, conferences, festivals, theater, and houses of worship, our diverse skillset will adapt to what you need. We take pride in providing exceptional sound production services to clients, ensuring you get what you want, and suggesting equipment you may not have thought you needed. So, when looking for A-grade audio requirements for any event, look no further than Vantage!

Our full-service live event production will cover your show or occasion from all angles and promises to deliver an experience worth remembering to your audience. Take a close look at our sound production services; if you don’t see something that fits your needs, just contact us. Our biggest priority is ensuring your event goes how you see it.

Live Event Production Services

Indoor or outdoor. Big or small. We built our reputation on live event production and understand what it takes to bring all aspects of a live event together perfectly.

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Concert Production Services

When it comes to concert production, we bring a veteran team of AV pros as well as the equipment, lighting, staging and anything in between. Let us help you with your next concert.

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Festival Production Services

Experience unforgettable events with our top-tier festival production services. From concept to execution, we bring your vision to life with expertise and creativity.

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Conference Sound Production

“Elevate your conference with flawless sound production. Our expert team ensures crystal-clear audio for impactful presentations. Trust us to deliver exceptional sound quality that leaves a lasting impression.

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Theater Productions

Transform your stage with our premier theater production services. From lighting to set design, we bring stories to life with creativity and precision. Let us enhance your theatrical experience.

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House of Worship

Enhance your worship production services. Expert sound, lighting, and video tailored to create a reverent atmosphere. Elevate your spiritual gatherings into an extraordinary experience.

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Diane Brisk

Lead Event Planner

As a wedding and corporate event planner, VAV has been my go-to event technology team for my clients’ needs since I met them. They provide great solutions, their team is early on-site for installs, and they always are set on time for the event.

You should work with them; they are G.R.E.A.T!

Mark Rubinsky

Executive Producer

Vantage AV was able to take an out of the box concept and bring it to life at the Rubloff Auditorium (Art Institute of Chicago). Form the early planning stages to the day of the Event, Daniel and his team were attentive and responsive and dealt with every addition and change professionally and with grace. Our sincere thanks. Good job all around.

Mobile staging and stage rental services nationwide

High-quality, durable, mobile stages for rent – available across USA and Canada! Speedy installation, sturdy stages setups, reliable structures, versatility, and support in its truest sense.

Full-Service Live Events

We offer a full-service live event production package that covers all aspects of your event, promising an unforgettable experience for your audience. If you have specific needs not listed in our services, feel free to contact us. Our top priority is to ensure your event unfolds exactly as you envision it.

Virtual and Hybrid Event Services

Vantage is your go-to virtual events service platform, ready to support your 2021 events in Chicago or anywhere in the country. Our team is dedicated to creating experiences that feel as engaging and connected as in-person events.

Professional Event Production Solutions

We provide a comprehensive service from setup to breakdown, ensuring your event vision is perfectly executed. Our sound production services cater to concerts, festivals, and more, with specialized support for corporate, education, house-of-worship, and venue productions.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Vantage meets the demand for clear, uninterrupted simultaneous interpretation audio systems, making multi-language events accessible. Our high-quality audio systems and skilled technicians ensure interpreters can work without distractions, allowing seamless communication with your entire audience.

Equipment Sales

Offering a one-stop shop for all your professional-grade audio equipment needs, Vantage simplifies the process of equipping your events. By purchasing from us, you deal with a single vendor for all AV requirements and gain the opportunity to learn the trade for future events.

Frequently asked questions.

We’re always happy to put your mind at ease. If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for here, please reach out and we will be more than happy to assist you.

What does Vantage offer in addition to sound production services?

Besides sound production services, Vantage offers a myriad of services. Whether you have audio, video, lighting, or other related needs regarding hosting any event, the company offers it with precision, all under one roof. It helps you set the stage for a successful event by handling all its equipment and technical aspects. So, whether you require services regarding clear vocal reinforcements or the detailing of an orchestra, Vantage has got you covered.

Name an event, and Vantage has a solution to manage it. The company offers full-production services across several events, like festivals, music concerts, theater productions, conferences, houses of worship, etc. Whether an indoor or outdoor event or a corporate gathering, irrespective of the scale of the event, we offer you professional sound production services and handle other technical aspects of the event as well.

Vantage has launched a new virtual events service platform- Vantage Connect. We can help host any virtual event. Vantage Connect is curated to consider the attendees’ experience. We are equipped with infrastructure and professionals that can offer an engaging experience to your audience, keeping them engaged in the event throughout

If you are looking forward to setting up things and equipment for an event independently, have complete assistance from us as we are your one-stop shop for all the equipment requirements. Speak with our experts and get professional-grade audio equipment for all your events. Deal with one vendor for all your requirements and get a quote designed for you.

Vantage offers its services seamlessly in Chicago. We also travel nationally for events across all formats, whether small or large in size. So, for any of your requirements, you can contact us via phone at 815-469-0000 or through email at info@soundworkspro.com. Find our presence on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

Vantage offers the A-grade audio requirements for any event near you in Chicago.

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