Live Event Production Services

Full-Service Live Event Production

Vantage is a full-service live event production company that offers comprehensive solutions for your event needs. We specialize in audio, visual, lighting, and all aspects of live event production.

Our team is dedicated to understanding your vision and working closely with you to ensure the success of your event, regardless of its location. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering unmatched value and ensuring your event exceeds your expectations.

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Indoor & Outdoor Production

We offer a range of services including concert production for both indoor and outdoor venues of any size, festival production, corporate meeting solutions, theater production, and services for houses of worship.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

In all our services, we promise meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to making your event a success. We understand that no two events are alike and we approach each project with a focused team dedicated to achieving your goals

live event production services

Event Production for All Venues

For concerts, we provide comprehensive live music production services. For festivals, we are proud to be a premier provider of audio, lighting, and staging packages. For corporate meetings, we offer hybrid event production services, ensuring clear and impactful audio, lighting, video, and staging solutions. For theater presentations, we understand the unique challenges and ensure clarity and coverage. For houses of worship, we provide expertise tailored to the specific needs of church services and conferences.

Concert Production
  • Indoor and outdoor concerts at any size venue
  • Live music production expertise
  • Professional team support for all production aspects
  • Commitment to exceeding event expectations
Festival Production
  • Premier festival production provider
  • Unmatched value in audio, lighting, and staging packages
Corporate Meetings
  • Conference technology solutions for simple to multi-location events
  • Hybrid event production services
  • Clear, impactful communication with audio, lighting, video, and staging
Theater Production
  • Addressing challenges of intelligibility, clarity, and coverage
  • Ensuring audience satisfaction with audio and visual quality
House of Worship
  • Specialized services for church services and conferences
  • Staff with keen understanding of live production needs for worship spaces

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Frequently asked questions.

We’re always happy to put your mind at ease. If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for here, please reach out and we will be more than happy to assist you.

  • What services does Vantage offer in its event package?

    Vantage is a versatile event production company that aims to offer the best services to its clients. From live event video production services to fulfilling every need concerning audio, visual, lighting, or staging requirements, our company has you covered. We understand that no two events are the same, and hence, our project manager guides you through designing a peculiar event plan for your specific event.

  • Does Vantage assist with upscale concert live events?

    Vantage is popular as a premium live event production company, especially in Chicago, that knows how to assist you in upscale concert live events. Vantage  offers its services for small and large size events. Whether your concert is indoors or outdoors, our company is always ready with a team of expert technicians who know how to lift all the burden from your shoulders.

  • Does Vantage offer value-for-money packages concerning festival productions?

    We at Vantage ensure that we offer you the best packages, including our best audio, lighting, and staging services. We ensure that the sound at your festival event is impactful, the lighting is mesmerizing, and the staging is logistically apt. We provide all this in a package at irresistible prices.

  • Is Vantage good at arranging corporate conferences?

    Vantage has a staff of skilled professionals who know how to put things in place for corporate conferences. Be it a small meeting or upscale multi-location event, we offer all the audio, video, staging, and light solutions. Knowing the intricacies of arranging corporate conferences, we ensure you are well-equipped to share your message clearly with your clients and staff in the meetings.

  • Why should I choose Vantage for theater presentations?

    In theater presentations, precise dialogue and music sound delivery, apt lighting, immaculate staging requirements, and visual effects all play crucial roles. Our team is trained and experienced to deliver exactly that! We are one of the live event production companies that offer theater solutions, from wireless distribution systems to complex microphones, to simplify things.

  • How does Vantage help in House of Worship live events?

    At Vantage, we offer notable event production company services, including a memorable house of worship experience. Our team will work with you to understand your venue and event requirements and present an apt church AV equipment accordingly.

  • Where are the sound production services near me in Chicago?

    Vantage offers all their event production services in Chicago, and they also travel nationally to deliver exemplary event services. You may contact their project manager for more details and call them at 815-469-0000.