Vantage AV joins forces with the Go Live Together Coalition

Go LIVE Together Coalition Aims to Protect the Trade Show and Live Events Industry

Coalition brings together live events industry leaders to urge local, state, and federal legislators to consider measures for support and recovery

 May 4th, 2020– Sound Works Productions INC and Vantage AV  announced their support as a founding partner for Go LIVE Together, a coalition of 80 founding partners—representing over 4,000 companies with U.S. operations—who have joined forces to support legislative actions that will aid the industry’s recovery from COVID-19.  The coalition is bound together by the belief that nothing in the world will ever replace the power and need for trade shows and live events.

“From meetings to galas to concerts live events make up such a huge part of our world. We need to come together to make sure we can preserve live events as we once knew them and come out of this stronger than ever. “ Daniel Nickleski, COO, Sound Works / Vantage AV

Events serve as a massive incubator for innovation and economic growth.  Advocating for recovery funding will be essential – not only to the events industry – but to the healing and recovery efforts of the global economy, because: 

  • Live events contribute nearly $1 trillion to the U.S. economy annually, with events touching every major sector that makes up the U.S. GDP.
  • In 2019, the events industry employed 3 million workers directly, with a total impact of close to 7 million jobs.
  • The live events industry employs millions of union workers, general laborers, strategists, marketers, concession stand workers, entertainers, riggers, project managers, and more. 
  • Over 80 percent of the companies that serve the live events industry are small, with many being women and minority-owned businesses.

Please join our efforts in advocating for what we all already know to be true — nothing in the world will ever replace the power and the need for live events.

Let’s Go LIVE Together! #GoLiveTogether 

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